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You've Wanted All Along

"Dr. Hertzog ... is among the very best in my 25 years’ experience
in market research at turning raw data into action-driving
information, presented in cogent business style."
Mark T. Greene, Ph.D., Nixon Peabody LLP

"Mark Hertzog is one of those unique individuals who is equally
comfortable with data and language.  His ability to take the raw
numbers and turn them into actionable recommendations for his
clients that anyone can understand, regardless of their research
background, sets him apart from other data analysts in the
Heather Woodward, FGI Research

"In the 20 years that I’ve been conducting market research, I’ve
found no match for his unique combination of talents.”
Sue Stock Allison, The Brand Research Company

Hertzog Research, LLC, is a market and opinion research
contracting firm, based near the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill
"Research Triangle" of North Carolina.  

We provide high-level analytical and report-writing services for other
market and opinion research organizations.  Their clients for whom
we do this work include Fortune 500 companies, especially in the
technology and health care sectors; AmLaw 200 law firms; and major
nonprofit and academic institutions.

We also provide full-service research for our own direct clients, from
U.S. government agencies to nationwide professional associations,
to small community-based nonprofits.

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