The Voice of the Customer:
What Our Clients Say

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Hertzog for several years,
and I have consistently found him to be among the very best in my 25
years’ experience in market research at turning raw data into action-
driving information, presented in cogent business style. He has
uncommon ability to pinpoint the statistical results of greatest business
relevance and to translate those findings into clear, non-technical
conclusions and recommendations. And he is always a pleasure to
work with – always exceeding our very high expectations.”

Mark T. Greene, Ph.D.
Chief Marketing Officer
Nixon Peabody LLP

“Having a deep appreciation for well-crafted writing, as well as a need
for hard-hitting analyses that fully address the strategic needs of clients,
I have never been disappointed with the work of Dr. Mark Hertzog.  His
writing style is eloquent, his analyses always right on target, and his
work timely.  He impresses both colleagues and clients with his grasp of
business issues and data manipulation.  In the 20 years that I’ve been
conducting market research, I’ve found no match for his unique
combination of talents.”

Sue Stock Allison, Managing Director
The Brand Research Company

"Mark Hertzog is one of those unique individuals who is equally
comfortable with data and language.  His ability to take the raw
numbers and turn them into actionable recommendations for his clients
that anyone can understand, regardless of their research background,
sets him apart from other data analysts in the industry."

Heather Woodward, Online Research Product Manager
FGI Research

“Mark developed a worldwide segmentation scheme for us that was
then distilled into an algorithm for qualitative screening, taking into
account various cultural variants across four continents. Having
attended all of the focus groups worldwide I can attest that the
segmentation and its algorithm we’re spot on and a 100% success in
profiling target respondents.   He has an intuitive sense as to how data
coalesces and an innate ability to extract powerful predictive models
with ease.  A well-crafted approach to quantitative modeling.”  

Tom Daly, Practice Principal
W5 Insight

"Hertzog Research provided timely, useful and analytical data which in
turn was used to maximize services at El Centro Latino, Inc.  Dr. Mark
Hertzog and his team understand the importance of organizational
development, budgets, work process patterns, and the need to have
results that lead to action steps and success.  Hertzog Research is an
invaluable organizational tool for any private or public sector business.”

Hector Perez, Past Executive Director
El Centro Latino of Orange County, Inc.
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