When You Need an Extra Mind on the Job

Hertzog Research specializes in providing high-level analytical and
report-writing support for other market and opinion research
organizations.  These services can supplement or complement the
skills of your in-house professionals.

Peak-period Analytical and Reporting Support

For one-off or occasional contracts, it’s exceedingly hard to find outside
senior-level analysts and report writers who you can trust to understand
both the data and the needs of your client, and to deliver a first-rate
finished product, on time, to your quality and design specifications.  

This is exactly the kind of support we are experienced in providing.  You
need not turn away work because you’re short an analyst, and you need
not disappoint a client by missing a deadline, or delivering a product not
up to your usual high standards.  Hertzog Research can provide the help
you need.

Higher-level Analysis and Data Mining

You also need not turn away work that calls for higher-level analytics if
people trained in these methods aren’t available in-house for a given
project.  Along with more conventional breakouts and statistical testing,
our analytical repertory includes:
*  Cluster analysis and other forms of advanced segmentation
*  Path analysis
*  Logistic regression
*  Construction and reliability testing of multivariate indexes
*  Analysis of multiple-response data
*  Data weighting
*  Outlier analysis
*  Determining key drivers of respondents’ attitudes and behaviors

Consultation on Research Design

We also can provide a second set of eyes as needed for the
methodological sections of proposals, drafts of questionnaires and
interview guides, sampling plans, table and banner specs, and the like.

Results and Recommendations

Perhaps the most frequent praise we get from our clients is for our skill
in summarizing results in clear, appropriate language, and offering their
clients specific, actionable recommendations, which they can
implement and then track over time in future studies.  We go far beyond
reciting numbers in your reports -- we show your clients what it all
means, why it matters, and what they can do in response to the results.
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